Joe Tate

Certified Personal Trainer
Denver, Colorado


Client Testimonials

“Coach Joe distinguishes between fitness and athletic pursuit, but easily offers appropriate guidance for every fitness level or the serious athlete. I asked Coach Joe to help me bring more structure to my active lifestyle so that I could more regularly enjoy biking, kayaking, swimming, hiking, and snowboarding throughout the year. The challenge I faced was an unpredictable travel schedule for work and the goal I wanted was to create a weight training schedule. Thanks to Coach Joe, I know exactly what cardiovascular and strength conditioning exercises to do when I travel. I also have a focused weight training routine for when I have gym access. Coworkers, family, and friends are complimentary of the results, and I’m happy to feel healthy, fit, and active.”

— Mike Dirks

“I started working with Coach Joe about four months after I had my baby girl last year. While I had lost most of my baby weight, I wasn’t back in pre-baby shape and was looking for some useful tips. My favorite thing about Coach Joe is that he truly listens. He listened to where I wanted to change my body, how I wanted to improve my fitness level, and how much time I had as a new mom to devote to working out. Another very beneficial aspect of Coach Joe is that he tailors not just a workout plan, but a holistic fitness plan that includes physical fitness, mental/emotional wellness, and personalized nutritional goals. Following Coach Joe’s advice, I began to see my desired results immediately, which was very exciting. I think it is inevitable to encounter challenges along the way but Coach Joe was always there for me – offering motivation, encouragement, and support. I have been working out for a number of years but what I learned from Coach Joe gave me a whole new perspective on being active and living a healthy life. I honestly believe that working with Coach Joe is one of the best investments in yourself that you can make, and I highly recommend him to the person who is just beginning to workout, or the person who would like to take their current fitness to the next level.”

— Laura Bess

“I worked with Joe for two months with a goal to gain size. During that time, I added noticeable muscle mass and my strength has increased substantially. One thing I noticed right away about Joe’s style is that he is very organized and prepared for each session. He is a great listener, which is important because every client presents with different goals that they want to achieve. He is very diligent about designing an appropriate workout each week that works my muscles to exhaustion in a way that is balanced. He pays close attention to form and capacity/load as he coaches you through each exercise set. As a medical professional, I was also taken by his knowledge about the anatomy of the body, and how each muscle comes into play with each exercise he has scripted. With Joe’s training expertise and nutritional guidance, I’m happy to say that the 10+ lbs of solid mass I have gained has taken me from a "small" shirt to a "medium" one; and has brought me numerous compliments from friends. Thanks again Joe!”

— Matthew Cangeleri