Joe Tate

Certified Personal Trainer
Denver, Colorado



Over the years, Joe Tate has gained the experience and earned the credentials to be a personal trainer and coach.

For more than ten years, Joe competed as a gymnast and diver, receiving an athletic scholarship to Southern Illinois University where he excelled as a NCAA gymnast. Ultimately transferring to Florida State University (FSU), Joe continued his athletic career as a diver and gymnastics coach.

Joe earned his certificate as a certified personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), the leader in research and education of strength and conditioning professionals. A graduate of FSU, Joe also holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology, and continues his lifelong learning of fitness and nutrition.

Athletic goals are a central part of Joe’s life. “From running to rowing to lifting, training has always been a driving force for me and the greatest source of personal achievement I know.”

As a trainer and coach, Joe is excited to share his knowledge and experience with his clients and help them achieve their own fitness goals. Whether that goal is enhanced functional movement, weight loss, increased endurance or strength, muscle building, or sports specific training, Joe’s expertise as a personal trainer, coach, and athlete will help his clients achieve their goals and ultimately become the person they see themselves to be.

Coach Joe Tate